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Stretch Mark Treatment & Prevention

There are few things more frustrating than the tell-tale silver lines that appear on the skin, but with the right Stretch Mark Treatment and Prevention plan, you will be able to target these imperfections to even out the skin’s appearance and texture effectively. Whether you have recently given birth, lost a noticeable amount of weight or you simply start noticing stretch marks as the aging process begins, our treatments work to prevent and rectify these marks with excellent results. 

Stretch Mark Treatment and Prevention at Scar & Skin Clinic

Stretch mark prevention and reduction helps to regenerate new skin cells, improve the skin’s elasticity and preventing further tearing of the dermis, where stretch marks develop. Caused by a lack of collagen and elastic fibres within the dermis, these marks are extremely common and difficult to manage without proper treatments. Seeking help early shows a significant difference in the appearance of these marks; however it is impossible to entirely remove the scarring. Reducing the severity of stretch marks will make a notable difference in the appearance, helping your skin look and feel smoother and firmer. Hydrated skin will also see faster, better results compared to very dry skin, which is why it is essential to consult a skin specialist who is able to give you the best treatment to suit your skin type.

Boost your confidence with the help of advanced stretch mark treatment and prevention from Scar & Skin Rejuvenation. 

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