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Ozone, Bioresonance and Far Infrared Therapy

For those seeking the latest in non-invasive treatments for the skin and body, Ozone, Bioresonance and Far Infrared Therapy provides a range of specialised treatments that are an alternative to conventional approaches. Technology has grown at a rapid rate, while the need for safe, innovative treatments has also increased. At Scar & Skin Clinic, we aim to provide our clients with the very best in cutting-edge treatments designed to foster beauty, health and well-being.

Ozone, Bioresonance and Far Infrared Therapy at Scar & Skin Clinic

Our alternative treatments for skin and body cater for a wide range of conditions, skin types, illnesses and needs. Developed to enhance well-being and full health, each treatment is administered by the highly trained professionals at Scar & Skin Clinic in a clinical environment for optimal results. Some of the advanced treatments we offer include:

  • Ozone Therapy – this treatment harnesses the benefits of ozone atoms to help clear toxins, improve circulation, fasten the healing process, improve muscle tone and provide the body with the oxygen it needs to thrive.
  • Bioresonance Therapy – this treatment helps the body to restore itself, using biophysics and computer modulated therapy to ward off illness and disease. By targeting the body’s energetic system, this treatment strengthens healthy signals and inverts unhealthy signals in a non-evasive, painless way.
  • Far Infrared Therapy – this treatment is a low energy therapy that uses light in the far infrared spectrum to heal and restore. Benefits include better circulation, reduced toxins, faster metabolism, quicker healing and regeneration plus many other advantages.

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