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Makeup Services

Professional makeup services help you get the look you want with the help of an experienced stylist. Whether you have an event that requires you to look your best, a daytime function that needs a glamorous yet subtle look or even bridal makeup to make sure that you radiate beauty on your special day, Scar & Skin Clinic will transform your look in no time at all.

Professional Makeup at Scar & Skin Clinic

While some woman know their way around various brushes, shadows, eyeliners and techniques, most find it a challenge to know how much is suitable for daytime events and how to create the perfect smoky eyes for evening functions. Bridal makeup can be even more of a challenge – not only does your look have to be perfect, it needs to be waterproof too. Professional makeup is the best way to achieve flawless results, using colours and products that suit your colouring and skin type. Makeup services that we offer include: 

  • Day / Evening
  • Bridal / Wedding (incl. trial session)

Transform your look for any event with the help of makeup treatments from Scar & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic. 

If you are seeking a nurturing, comprehensive cosmetic clinic that understands your needs, contact The Scar & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic to learn more about our products and services or make an appointment.