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Chloasma Treatments are specially designed treatments that combat a skin pigmentation condition that usually occurs in pregnant women. Other causes can include oral contraceptives or even hormonal replacement therapy. While hormonal changes are one of the leading causes, there is also evidence that genetics may contribute towards the condition too. Some people who are neither pregnant nor undergoing any hormone medication can also have Chloasma. Typical signs of this disorder include blotches, spots and irregular colours ranging from tan to black.

Chloasma Treatments at Scar & Skin Clinic

There are a number of treatment options that have had high success rates with Chloasma that is caused by pregnancy or hormonal changes as well as other causes. Depending on the cause, severity and nature of the condition, our professional technicians will decide which treatment is best to suit your needs based on an initial consultation. As the pigmentation runs through all layers of the skin, from the surface dermis to the deep basal layers, it can be a challenge to get the right treatment. The application of topical products is one treatment option, while laser therapy has also become a popular treatment option for its excellent results.

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