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Burn treatment is essential in order to prevent major scarring and to ensure that skin is able to regenerate properly after burns of any degree. As one of the most severe types of trauma to the skin, even minor burns can cause heavy scarring with a risk of infection and complications. Severe burns can be even more debilitating, with a slow recovery if treatment is not sought early on in the recovery period.

Burn Treatment at Scar & Skin Clinic

Scar & Skin Clinic offers a range of burn treatment options that use the latest procedures to increase the healing process, prevent scarring, reduce crusting and improve the appearance of burned skin. Post laser resurfacing and post deep peels have both been proven to provide excellent results for burns, by safely targeting dead skin to foster the generation of new skin cells. Treating a burn right from the beginning is vital to see the best results from treatment, with a far higher chance of minimal scarring and healthy, new skin.

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