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Endermologie products provide proven research backed by the science of cell stimulation to reactivate deep, dormant skin cells. Along with a range of effective mechanical stimulation treatments, this leading brand also offers the Technic Care Line. The WELLBOX home solution has also given noticeable results for slimming contours and younger looking skin. For those who want to rejuvenate the appearance and structure of the skin, Scar & Skin Clinic provides a selection of advanced Endermologie treatments.

Our Endermologie Products

The Endermologie system targets the three core levels of the skin – the epidermis (surface layer), dermis (middle layer) and the hyperdermis (deep layer). As topical treatments are only able to penetrate the first layers of skin, treatments such as Mechano-Stimulation are designed to target even the deepest layers to target skin cells. The machine allows us do Endermolift on the face for anti-aging.

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