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Our Products


As the expert in dermatologically developed skincare, NeoStrata products cater to all skin types through a range of treatments designed to resurface, restore and refine the skin. Scar & Skin Clinic offers an excellent selection of these skin specialist approved products for face and body.

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Dermaceutic products use powerful active ingredients to repair, protect and stimulate the skin. Scar & Skin Clinic offers a selection of products from this internationally renowned skincare brand, for home us as well as in-clinic treatments.

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RegimA products comprise a scientifically proven range designed to target free radicals and toxins that typically lead to fine lines, poor skin tone and other problems. Endorsed by skin treatment experts around the world, the product line includes cleansers, specialist products, pigmentation treatments, anti-aging products, scar repair and other solutions for face and body.

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Endermologie products provide proven research backed by the science of cell stimulation to reactivate deep, dormant skin cells. Along with a range of effective mechanical stimulation treatments, this leading brand also offers the Technic Care Line.

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Pollogen TriLipo Maximus

As a proven anti-aging and body contouring system, Pollogen TriLipo Maximus works to target all layers of the skin to produce effective, visible results. This system uses a powerful combination of focused TriLipo RF technology and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) to stimulate the skin in order to firm and resurface.

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Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is an innovative treatment at Scar & Skin Clinic that helps to heal, relax and revive. Ozone comprises three forms of oxygen. Using the product over a session of up to 30 minutes enables medical grade oxygen to be electronically activated to form ozone, giving you a host of benefits for health and skin through its pure properties.

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Regenist (LED Light Therapy)

LED Light Therapy products have become one of the simplest, most effective ways to combat a wide range of skin issues, from aging signs to acne and even scarring and wound healing. Natural sunlight has always been known for its restorative properties, which is the basis of Light Therapy. Using violet and red lights on targeted areas, depending on the skin condition you wish to treat, helps skin to restore itself, with noticeable results.

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Essie Nail Enamel

As one of the world's best quality nail varnishes, Essie Nail Enamel products provide each season's hottest shades for perfect nails. Scar & Skin Clinic stocks a wide range of Essie shades to suit every mood, giving you the benefit of long-lasting colour that does not chip or flake easily.

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Bio Sculpt Gel Nails

Scar & Skin offers an excellent range of Bio Sculpt Gel Nails for those who want a flawless finish without the hassle of regular varnish. These nails are applied by our professionals, and last far longer than regular polish applications as they are comprised of durable gel.

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If you are seeking a nurturing, comprehensive cosmetic clinic that understands your needs, contact The Scar & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic to learn more about our products and services or make an appointment.