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Candidates for Treatment

Scar & Skin Clinic welcomes all skin types, ages, races and genders for cosmetic treatments at our world-class clinic. We understand that every customer is different, and as such, we have a comprehensive consultation process that helps to determine the right treatment to suit every specific condition, skin type and problem. Whether you wish to fight the early signs of aging, prepare for a cosmetic procedure, reduce the effects of scarring or even reduce active acne and pigmentation, our highly trained team of cosmetic specialists are here to help.

Who Will Benefit from Cosmetic Treatments at Scar & Skin Clinic?

We welcome all treatment candidates – whatever your needs may be. As we tailor each treatment to suit individual customer needs, our personalised approach ensures the best results. We specialise in a wide range of skin disorders through advanced procedures and products that boast proven effectiveness. Just some of the people that we cater to include the following:

  • All skin types, including the most sensitive skins
  • White, Asian or Black skins
  • Female or male
  • All age groups - even the very young
  • Rejuvenation for: sun damaged, crepey, wrinkled skins, ageing neck, sagging breasts, creased décolleté (chest and cleavage)
  • Pigmentation: Chloasma, pigmented and uneven skin tone, dark under eye circles, age spots, sun spots and solar keratoses on face and backs of hands
  • Acne: Problem or acne prone skins
  • Scars: New or old scarring from trauma, operation, acne, burns etc.
  • Laser: Essential pre and post skin resurfacing laser treatment

Beauty is about feeling good and looking good. Through the innovative cosmetic treatments offered at Scar & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, we aim to enhance natural beauty on every level. 

If you are seeking a nurturing, comprehensive cosmetic clinic that understands your needs, contact The Scar & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic to learn more about our products and services or make an appointment.